Miyazaki trip

I went to Miyazaki in Kyushu.
It’s been since I wore it to Miyazaki for work a few years ago. It was my first time to come for sightseeing

This memory is published on Youtube also.

The first place I went was Aoshima Beach.
This is a famous place for surfing.
I do surfing for the time being, so I did it here as well.
It was very refreshing and nice.

Unfortunately there are no pictures of surfing.

[Aoshima Beach]



After surfing, I went to Aoshima Shrine.
I was surprised to find a shrine on the island.

It was very beautiful and I was able to observe the origin of Japanese mythology.
This Miyazaki is not so famous now for some reason.
Miyazaki was famous as a honeymoon destination decades ago.

[Aoshima shine] You can go to this iland from Aoshima beach by walking.



On the second day, I went to a power spot.

This is Cape Cross.

[Cape Cross]  this is called クルス岬 (Kurusu Misaki) in Japanese.

You need to drive car for going to here.



The following is the Takachiho.

Everything was mysterious and amazing.
I got on a boat and rowed under the waterfall, but it was difficult.





The final day is another famous shrine, Udo Shrine.
It was very beautiful at the shrine by the sea.

[Udo shine] Udo Jingu in Japanese



Miyazaki is not well known to people these days,
There were only very nice tourist spots.
I want to go again.

By the way, travel is currently cheaper in Japan.
Due to the influence of the corona, the country is subsidizing travel to recover the economy.
I want to go on a trip again in the near future.

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