Miyazaki trip

I went to Miyazaki in Kyushu.
It’s been since I wore it to Miyazaki for work a few years ago. It was my first time to come for sightseeing

The first place I went was Aoshima Beach.
This is a famous place for surfing.
I do surfing for the time being, so I did it here as well.
It was very refreshing and nice.

Unfortunately there are no pictures of surfing.

After surfing, I went to Qingdao Shrine.
I was surprised to find a shrine on the island.

It was very beautiful and I was able to observe the origin of Japanese mythology.
This Miyazaki is not so famous now for some reason.
Miyazaki was famous as a honeymoon destination decades ago.


On the second day, I went to a power spot.

This is Cape Cross.

The following is the Takachiho.

Everything was mysterious and amazing.
I got on a boat and rowed under the waterfall, but it was difficult.

The final day is another famous shrine, Udo Shrine.
It was very beautiful at the shrine by the sea.

Miyazaki is not well known to people these days,
There were only very nice tourist spots.
I want to go again.

By the way, travel is currently cheaper in Japan.
Due to the influence of the corona, the country is subsidizing travel to recover the economy.
I want to go on a trip again in the near future.

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