Alicante trip

The last trip to Spain is Alicante. Before going to Alicante from Granada, I made a slight detour. It is a secret spot called Jorquera. Although it was in the mountains, it was so beautiful that it was called a sky town. Do you know “Laputa: Castele in the Sky” in Japanese anime? A... Continue Reading →

Granada trip

This is a continuation of my trip to Spain. I went to Granada. Granada has a past that was invaded by Muslims, but once again the Spanish recaptured it. It is a city with a history of Spanish development, incorporating Islamic technology. I felt that Granada has a deeper Spanish history than Barcelona. There were... Continue Reading →

Barcelona trip

Hello everyone. I went to Spain in February this year. The places I visited are Barcelona, Alicante, and Granada. I talk about Barcelona in this post. The first thing I felt about Spain was that the city was very beautiful and fashionable. I felt a little strange because the taxi design was different from Japan,... Continue Reading →

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