New Zealand – Auckland trip

I went to New Zealand three and a half years ago for study English and sightseeing. Today, I will talk about life in Auckland. I experienced my first home stay.I spent 2 weeks at the home of my host mother, who is over 70 years old and lives alone. I could be rent one room... Continue Reading →

Business trip to India2

A Happy New year! I have been working in India since Christmas 2019. Stay until mid-January 2020. I spend Christmas, New Year, New Year and birthday in India. I came to India a year and a half ago and I think I can speak English from that time. But I still can't hear Indian English.... Continue Reading →

Kyoto trip

I talk about going to Kyoto about 5 years ago. Kyoto is probably the tourist destination that people overseas want to visit the most in Japan. However, Kyoto is also the place where the revolution occurred in Japan. This is the place where the wars were the last war. For that reason, there are many... Continue Reading →

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