Harry Potter and the history of magic

The other day I went to an exhibition called "Harry Potter and the History of Magic" in Tokyo. This is Harry Potter's magical exhibition in real history.Recently there has been a Harry Potter Alumni Association,The Harry Potter boom has arrived again. I just finished reading all the novels, even now. I understood the character's individuality... Continue Reading →

My birthday

I had my birthday early in the new year. This year I have a very good start from the first sunrise of the year.Last year, I learned the significance of continuing and was able to lose 9 kilograms.And I continue to speak English every day.Besides, I can continue reading and muscle training every day. Being... Continue Reading →

Happy new year 2022!

Happy new year everyone.How are you doing in the new year? In Japan, it is usually a holiday from December 29th to January 3rd.This is the so-called winter vacation, which is the year-end and New Year holidays. At the beginning of the year, there is a culture of visiting shrines.Or go to the mountains or... Continue Reading →

Hoto in Yamanaka-ko

Do you know the dish "Hoto"? Hoto is popular regional dish in Yamanashi prefecture. It is a hot pot dish stewing flat Udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup.     This time, I went to the vicinity of Lake Yamanaka, which is the Great Lakes of Yamanashi Prefecture.   And Mt. Fuji looked beautiful... Continue Reading →

Hakone shrine

I went to Hakone shrine on last weekend. It takes about an hour drive from my house to get to this shrine. I never imagined that there would be a nice shrine near my house. Not only did I visit the shrine, but I also ate udon that was only available at this shrine. But... Continue Reading →

Willpower to continue

Recently, I have come to feel a sense of purpose in continuing. It didn't always last for three days, but by recording the results on a smartphone app, I enjoyed keeping a continuous record. I do the following seven things every day. ・ Online English conversation     ・ Learn English with a smartphone app... Continue Reading →

Ryoma Sakamoto

There was a samurai who revolutionized Japan.The name of the samurai is Ryoma Sakamoto.About 11 years ago, I have traveled to the place where Ryoma Sakamoto was born. Ryoma Sakamoto is from Katsurahama, Kochi prefecture, Japan. His statue is enshrined there. It is no exaggeration to say that he made Japan of the present.Japan is... Continue Reading →

The Jump bar

I think every one has already known the comic is popular in Japan.There are magazines in Japan that serialize manga.One of the most famous magazines is Weekly Shonen Jump.Today, I talk about when I went to an bar that was inspired by the old comics serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. There were dishes that imaged... Continue Reading →

Eating the Gyoza

Do you know a dish called dumplings? We call the Gyoza.Gyoza is called a Chinese dish, however, Gyoza is popular in Japan and No longer Gyoza is not a Chinese dish. I believe Gyoza is a Japanese dish. Today, I went to eating Gyoza in the famous Gyoza restaurant.There are baked Gyoza and boiled Gyoza... Continue Reading →

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