Willpower to continue

Recently, I have come to feel a sense of purpose in continuing. It didn't always last for three days, but by recording the results on a smartphone app, I enjoyed keeping a continuous record. I do the following seven things every day. ・ Online English conversation     ・ Learn English with a smartphone app... Continue Reading →

The Jump bar

I think every one has already known the comic is popular in Japan.There are magazines in Japan that serialize manga.One of the most famous magazines is Weekly Shonen Jump.Today, I talk about when I went to an bar that was inspired by the old comics serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. There were dishes that imaged... Continue Reading →

Eating the Gyoza

Do you know a dish called dumplings? We call the Gyoza.Gyoza is called a Chinese dish, however, Gyoza is popular in Japan and No longer Gyoza is not a Chinese dish. I believe Gyoza is a Japanese dish. Today, I went to eating Gyoza in the famous Gyoza restaurant.There are baked Gyoza and boiled Gyoza... Continue Reading →

Boxing in Nagoya

The other day I talked about Fit Boxing for Nintendo swtich.Today I will talk about boxing about 5 years ago. I went to Nagoya on a business trip.A famous former world champion boxing gym was near my office. After work, I wanted to do boxing after a long time, and I wanted to meet a... Continue Reading →

Diet on Fit boxing2

I've been on a diet with Fit Boxing 2 on Nintendo Switch recently. There are several other fitness software on the Nintendo Switch.But I was a boxer, so I chose this game.I still remember how to punch.   Currently, I have a continuous workout record of over a month.   I've been doing it since... Continue Reading →

Iekei Ramen

There are many ramen restaurants in Japan.I believe ramen is one of the Japanese dishes. The origin of noodles may be in another country.However, the taste of ramen has evolved in Japan.There had been four types of Japanese ramen for a long time: soy sauce, salt, miso, and pork bones. Furthermore, about 30 years ago,... Continue Reading →

Meat of king of pirate

Last time I had cooked meat in the following posting. https://blog.global-samurai.com/2019/09/20/bone-meat-by-one-piece-cooking/ That time, I made mistake choosing ingredients.So I cooked a strangely shaped meat.This time, I challenged it again after choosing correct ingredients. And I have published this cooking video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLL5v3zaZ4Y I ate this meat with my friend at home party.     After drinking,... Continue Reading →

Old Japan house

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I stayed at old Japan house last weekend and hold party with my friend. This house is traditional Japan house. I and my friend would plan camp initially. however we had changed plan to party at old Japan house. because of weather was bad. we cooked Japan dish and... Continue Reading →

Fishing April 2021

Hello everyone. Long time no see. I caught biggest fish in my past fishing life. This big fish is 4.7 kilograms. My mother cooked this fishes for me. In the future, I will challenge getting more big fishes

Fiesta Espana 2020

Hello everyone.I have been to Spain.I like Spain.I would like to learn Spain culture, history, and language someday. So I had been to "Festa Espana" in Nobember 2020 in Japan.       I ate paella here, but the Spanish paella was much better.       And flamenco wasn't impressed here either.After all, flamenco... Continue Reading →

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