Curry rice by One piece cooking

Normally, when making curry, At first fry vegetables and meat. Then pour in water. Then add the curry roux. However, this dish uses chicken bones instead of water. And Instead of using curry roux, use chopped tomatoes, celery, and curry powder. Make a soup using chicken bones. Chop the tomatoes and celery and mix the... Continue Reading →

Bone meat by One Piece cooking

This is Luffy's favorite. Boiled eggs were included to the boned chicken, and the ones hardened with minced chicken and baked in the oven. I was not used to cooking when I cooked this dish. In fact, I had to buy a drummette. But I bought a wing tip. Do you know the difference between... Continue Reading →

One Piece cooking

Hi Every one, Do you know One Piece? That's a very famous comic in Japan. I mean, I believe that's a very famous comic in the world. I have the following boook. This book has a recipe that models the dish that appeared in "One Piece". The character named "Sanji" who is cook appearing in "One... Continue Reading →

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