Ryoma Sakamoto

There was a samurai who revolutionized Japan.
The name of the samurai is Ryoma Sakamoto.
About 11 years ago, I have traveled to the place where Ryoma Sakamoto was born.

Ryoma Sakamoto is from Katsurahama, Kochi prefecture, Japan.

His statue is enshrined there.

It is no exaggeration to say that he made Japan of the present.
Japan is an independent country without any influence from other countries.
From now until about 150 years ago, all diplomatic relations with foreign countries were cut off.

Japan was a country controlled by the general at that time.
In other words, the general was in politics on behalf of Majesty the Emperor.
However, Ryoma Sakamoto revolutionized and returned politics to Majesty the Emperor.
Until that time, the citizens had a class, but all of them were abolished and the people became equal. In other words, Jpan adopted democracy, which is shipping from the United States.

I believe that it was Ryoma Sakamoto who gave birth to the democratic nation of Japan of the present.


There is also an old Japanese castle in Kochi prefecture.


But I recommend a trip around Ryoma Sakamoto.

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