The Jump bar

I think every one has already known the comic is popular in Japan.
There are magazines in Japan that serialize manga.
One of the most famous magazines is Weekly Shonen Jump.
Today, I talk about when I went to an bar that was inspired by the old comics serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump.

There were dishes that imaged various cartoons.

This is the meat ball by the imaged Four start ball of “Doragon ball”.


This is the Muscle docking burger by the imaged Two Platon Hold of “Kin Niku man”.


This is the Ahijo by the imaged “Abura bro” of “Sakigake Otoko Juku”.


This bar was open in Shinjuku as an event for a certain period of time.
The food didn’t taste good, but I enjoyed the atmosphere.



Do you know any manga in this?

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