Eating the Gyoza

Do you know a dish called dumplings? We call the Gyoza.
Gyoza is called a Chinese dish, however, Gyoza is popular in Japan and No longer Gyoza is not a Chinese dish. I believe Gyoza is a Japanese dish.

Today, I went to eating Gyoza in the famous Gyoza restaurant.
There are baked Gyoza and boiled Gyoza of two types Gyoza.
I ate both today.

Both are delicious, however, if anything, I prefer baked Gyoza.

Have you know there are two types of Gyoza in this dish?
If so, do you prefer which type of Gyoza?

If you eat these two types of Gyoza, please tell me your impression.

This restaurant is I have already known a few years ago. however, I could not go to this restaurant.
Today, at least I could come here.

If you like the Gyoza, you should come here.

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