Corokke by One Piece

Do you know Corokke?

This dish is my favorite one.


Potatoes: 4 pieces
Beef: 200g
Onions: 1/2
Salad oil: 1 tbsp
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Black pepper: a little
Butter: 30g
Soft flour: Appropriate amount
Eggs: 2
Bread crumbs: Appropriate amount
Shredded cabbage: Appropriate amount
Source: Appropriate amount

[How to make]

1. Steam the peeled potatoes in a steamer.
Cut the beef into 2 cm pieces.
Finely chop the onion. 

2. Add oil to a heated frying pan and fry the beef over medium heat.
After that, add chopped onions and fry,
Add salt and black pepper and mix.

3. Crush the steamed potatoes and mix with butter, salt, stir-fried beef and onions.

4.Make 10 lumps.
Add eggs, cake flour and bread crumbs.

5. Deep frying with oil.

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