Iekei Ramen

There are many ramen restaurants in Japan.
I believe ramen is one of the Japanese dishes.

The origin of noodles may be in another country.
However, the taste of ramen has evolved in Japan.
There had been four types of Japanese ramen for a long time: soy sauce, salt, miso, and pork bones.

Furthermore, about 30 years ago, the soy sauce pork bone ramen which is a mixture of this soy sauce flavor and pork bone flavor, was developed.

We call this Ramen is Iekei Ramen.

Today I went to a ramen restaurant of the series that developed this soy sauce pork bone ramen for the first time in Japan.

There was a line of customers at the entrance of the store.
It’s a popular ramen restaurant.



Recent ramen restaurants have a lot of young part-time staff, so I think they not very enthusiastic.
However, the ramen restaurant I went to today was an old-atmosphere restaurant, and they were very enthusiastic.

The ramen I ordered was served to another customer by a staff member.
The staff was got angry in front of me by the owner.
They are doing business that much seriously.

The owner has apologized to me.
And he added the seasoned egg to the apology.
The ramen was very delicious.
Their serious taste has been transmitted.



This ramen shop is below.


If you have a chance, please go.

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