42 to 1 – The man who won Tyson

Do you know Mike Tyson?

He is the great legend boxer.

I think he is the most famous boxer in the world.

But today, I would like to talk about the man who won to Mike Tyson.

The name of the man who beat Tyson is James Buster Douglas.



Recently be broadcasted James Buster Douglas documentary by Japan TV show.

It’s more than 30 years ago.
James Buster Douglas was a heavyweight boxer. But he was a boxer who didn’t have a strong reputation.
In February 1990, Tyson came to Japan for the second time to play a match in Tokyo.
James Buster Douglas was chosen as the opponent.
Everyone was convinced that Tyson would win.
So James Buster Douglas was chosen as the underdog.
As a result, the odds were ultimately 42 to 1.
If spectors invest $ 40,000 in Tyson and Tyson wins, that spectors will only get $ 1,000.
Even with thousands of spectators, only 10 spectors invested to Tyson.


But in this match, James Buster Douglas beat Tyson.
At that time, that win was said by a lot of people.

After seeing this documentary program, I was able to know all the feelings of James Buster Douglas at that time.
Before he fought Mike Tyson and defeated him, vowing to show his fighting spirit to his great father and, His mother had passed away a few months before his match. so He fought for his mother.



I didn’t even know there was such a behind-the-scenes story.
I was very impressed.
And above all, I am very happy that it happened in my country, Japan.



He retired in 1999.



He is currently a boxing instructor in Columbus, Ohio.



I wants to see him if I has the opportunity to go to USA again.

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