Camp_15th August 2020

Hello everyone.
The COVID19 turmoil in Japan has not finished yet.

So I thought it would be safe in nature, so I started the first camp in my life.

The reason I started the camp was the influence of the discovery channel survival program.

I can’t survive so hard now, but I decided to start from the camp.

First of all, it is a collection of tools.
Due to the COVID19 turmoil, the government paid 100,000 yen ($ 1000) to all Japanese people.
I collected all the camping equipment for the 100,000 yen.

I opened the tent in my house and slept here.

Everything except the tent went inside the backpack,

Then I went camping with my friend.
First of all, it is a fire starter, but it does not easily catch fire without an ignition agent.
My old business card in my wallet replaced the ignition agent.
I drank Japanese tea in the water of the river.

At night we all have a campfire and a barbecue.

All the dishes I ate in the wilderness were the best.
And this camp reminded me of my past self for some reason.
I feel that my outlook on life has changed significantly.

I will enjoy camping a few more times before the end of summer.
I bought a tent for one person, so I want to have more adventure.

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