Rambo: Last Blood

“Rambo: Last Blood” was released on June 26th in Japan.
And I have watched the movie.

As a big fan of Sylvester Stallone, I love Rambo as well as Rocky.
However, the policy of the movie has changed from the old days of Rambo.
In the past, it was a policy made to honor soldiers who returned from Vietnam.
But this time I felt that the theme was strongly appealing to the destruction of drug cartels.

An organization like the drug cartels that actually exist is absolutely unthinkable in Japan.
Sexual trafficking never exists in Japan.
As a Japanese, I couldn’t believe it, considering that this terrible scene actually exists.

I think this movie is a controversial evaluation depending on the viewers.
I don’t think there should be an organization like drug cartels.
And if there is such an organization, I would like it destroyed.
I thought Rambo had completely destroyed the drug cartel.
I could feel the strong feeling of Stallone.

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