New Zealand – Auckland trip

I went to New Zealand three and a half years ago for study English and sightseeing. Today, I will talk about life in Auckland.

I experienced my first home stay.
I spent 2 weeks at the home of my host mother, who is over 70 years old and lives alone. I could be rent one room and were able to spend comfortably.

Surprised me most about my homestay was that there was no rice cooker in a New Zealand home.
A rice cooker is a machine that cooks rice.

Almost Japanese families has rice cooker.
Japanese rice is so delicious that I would give host mother it as a souvenir.
However, She couldn’t cook rice because there was no rice cooker.
This was a bit disappointing, but my host mother borrowed a rice cooker from her daughter.
I think that the rice was cooked safely.

In addition to my home stay, I went to an English school for two weeks.
At first I took exam for deciding English level.
The Japanese had studied a lot of grammar, so after exam, the result was that I join a high level class.
Thanks to I could not understand high level English.

But even though there were many young students, I had a good time.

Auckland is a very beautiful city.
And it’s a very safe city.

I thought that New Zealand is a place where there are so many birds.
There are many birds everywhere.

I used to do bird watching on days when school was closed.

Not only birds, but New Zealand is sheep.
I also went to see the sheep.

And because it is an island country, it is naturally surrounded by a large sea.
I watched whales and dolphins.
I saw a whale for the first time.

I went a little farther and went to a place called Muriwai Beach.
It was a wonderful scene as it appears in a documentary.

And I think the most popular tourist destination in New Zealand is the village of Hobbit. I applied for an optional tour. Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies, so it’s been great to be here.
I was able to get along well with tourists from other countries.

I went to see another firefly at another famous tourist spot.
Unfortunately, photography is prohibited inside the cave, so there are no pictures.
I took a picture outside the cave.

Please see the following site for soil firefly.

I enjoyed the New Zealand people, school life and sightseeing, but the most memorable thing was having a conversation with my host mother every day.
Conversation with my host mother was the best way to learn English than studying English at school.

I want to see host mother again!

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