Fishing_19th April 2020

I have recently been working at home because of the COVID virus.
I stayed home all the time, so I went fishing last weekend.

No one has been warned by the country because people are not crowded on the boat at sea.

The sea is the best.
And it was a nice sunny day, so I could see Mt. Fuji beautifully.

However, because the day before was a troll, the waves were high in the early morning and I got seasick.

But that was only the first time.
Forgetting seasickness, I had a good fishing.

I caught one red snapper and two Amberjack.
Sea bream is an expensive fish in Japan.

I brought this fish to my parents’ house.
My mother cooked for me.

Only Japanese in the world eat raw fish.
When you come to Japan, try sashimi or sushi.
I’m sure it’s completely different from the sashimi and sushi of overseas Japanese restaurants.

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