Business trip to India2

A Happy New year!
I have been working in India since Christmas 2019.
Stay until mid-January 2020.
I spend Christmas, New Year, New Year and birthday in India.
I came to India a year and a half ago and I think I can speak English from that time.
But I still can’t hear Indian English.
By the way, this is the first year in my life overseas.
Surprisingly, at the end of December 31, the Indians of the company said “A Happy New year!”
I thought that the year was not yet over.
When you look at it, you seem to say “A Hppy New year!” At the end of the year and at the beginning of the year overseas.
In Japan, greetings at the end of the year and greetings at the beginning of the year have completely different meanings, so I was surprised at the difference in culture.
But even though the greetings are different, it is the same that the thought of praying for a new year to be a wonderful year is the same.
The Japanese New Year is very exciting.
I thought there was nothing overseas.
However, a beautiful picture was drawn in front of the house.

I feel happy to welcome the new year.
I haven’t set a goal for this year yet.
Think in January.
Even if I want to make various changes this year, it does not change much.
So, I think after looking back on these 10 years.

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