Hyderabad Business trip

Long-time no see.
I’ve been very busy recently.
Today I’m talking about a year and a half ago when I stayed in India for work.

I went to Hyderabad, India on my first overseas business trip.
It is a city known as an IT city in India, a developing country.
But the first thing that surprised me about Hyderabad is the streets of the city.
There were lots of wild dogs on the unpaved road.
I was very scared.


And there were cows.


In India, cows are sacred animals and seem to be out of hand.
I have seen the current situation of developing countries that are completely different from Japan.
All work is in English.
I couldn’t speak English at this time.
I couldn’t hear the English pronunciation of India.
But all the Indians welcomed me kindly.


I thought the job was quite tough, but I had a very good experience.
I went sightseeing outside of work.
Showed the reality of developing countries.
There were a lot of street children.
A handless child has demanded money.
Many homeless people were trying to collect money on the street.
I could not do anything because the scene was incredible for Japanese people.
The sightseeing spots are a building called Charminar and an archeological site called Golkonda.

There was nothing here.


This is an archeological site and it was very good.
It was so large that I was almost out of breath when I climbed up.
And India is a very hot country, so I wrote a lot of sweat.

Indian food, I was worried about breaking my stomach,
It was very delicious.

I went to a high-end sports bar.
Even if you say luxury, it is as expensive as a bar in Japan.

Indian beer was very good.

In fact, I will go to Hyderabad for the first time in a year and a half after tomorrow.
I spend Christmas, New Year holidays and birthdays in India.
I will be back on January 18 next year! !

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