Onigiri – One piece cooking

Today I will introduce another dish.
One of the symbols of Japanese culture is “Onigiri”.

Japanese staple food is rice.
I think bread is the staple food in Europe and America.

To make sandwiches using staple bread in Europe and America,
In Japan, rice is made using rice as a staple food.

20150201 ウソップのもらったおにぎり1
Cooking is easy.
Put the “Umeboshi”, “Syake”, “Konbu”, “Okaka” in the cooked rice.
Harden it into a triangle and roll it with nori to complete.

By the way, the following is “Umeboshi”.

It ’s “Konbu”.

It ’s “Syake”.


It ’s “okay”.
Actually, I’m not good at “Onigiri”.
Because rice is hot and hard to touch.

If you come to Japan, please try “Onigiri”.

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