Kyoto trip

I talk about going to Kyoto about 5 years ago.
Kyoto is probably the tourist destination that people overseas want to visit the most in Japan.
However, Kyoto is also the place where the revolution occurred in Japan.
This is the place where the wars were the last war.
For that reason, there are many Japanese traditions.
Kyoto can be reached in about two hours by Shinkansen from where I live.
It was a short trip of 3 days and 2 nights, but it was a good trip that touched on Japanese tradition.



Lightly sightseeing in Kyoto.
It is the famous “Gojo Kawara”.


It is a place that became the stage of Japanese battle in the 12th century.


I went around the shrine, but I went to only two places because Kyoto was large.

The first place I visited was Kiyomizu Temple.


It is on the top of a considerable hill.
I might have been a little tired before I go.





I was very happy because I was unable to go when I was a student.

Since I went in June, the hydrangea bloomed beautifully.




There was a famous bronze statue in Kyoto.

This person is called Ryoma Sakamoto.
It is no exaggeration to say that it is this person who made Japan today.
Japan was a class society.
At that time in Japan, the general who was the target of the “Samurai” was in politics.
But it is this person who has revolutionized the Emperor.
This person also incorporates American and Western cultures.
Thanks to this person, Japan is now equal to the four people.


This is the place where I had a night meal.


This shop is the place of the incident that happened just before the end of the era of a niece.
It is said to be the “Ikedaya” incident.
There was a group of “Samurai” who defended the general, “Shinsengumi”.
There was a group of “Samurai” who tried to revolutionize the Emperor.
A group that wanted to make a revolution planned to make Kyoto a city of fire.
The place where Shinsengumi prevented the plan was Ikedaya.



If you would like to know “Shinsengumi”, Please refer to my following article about Shinsengumi.

Samurai’s history

The next day I went around the shrine.
Although it was a shrine that I had been to when I was a student, I came again.
Say “Kinkakuji”.


The building is made of real gold.
It is a wonderful building because it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.



Finally, return to the vicinity of Kyoto Station and finish.
I could see Kyoto Tower well.

Kyoto has more shrines than amber culture.
If you are interested in “Samurai”, I would recommend traveling to “Shinsengumi”.

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