Okinawa (Miyako Island) trip


Hi Everyone,

Do you know Okinawa in Japan?

There are several remote islands in Okinawa.
Five years ago, I went to Miyako island where is said to have the most beautiful sea among the remote islands.

I didn’t think there was such a beautiful sea in Japan.


I didn’t think there was such a beautiful sea in Japan.
The famous fruit on Miyakojima is a mango typical of hot regions.



Soba is famous for food.
In Miyako island, it is said to be Miyako soba, but in Okinawa main island, it is said to be Okinawa soba.
The taste is completely different from ordinary soba.
It is a traditional Okinawan dish.



On the first and second day, we traveled to drive the whole island. The sea was very beautiful wherever I went.
There was a cafe that eats ice while looking at the sea.


Every night, I drank alcohol and traveled with trip friends.
And I got drunk enough to die.
It is a good memory now.

I thought it was so much noise since I was a student.
My friend was drunk with big snoring in the guesthouse garden.


I was really impressed with the night sky of Miyako island.
It seemed as if the universe was spreading.



I enjoyed swimming and snorkeling on the 3rd and 4th day.
But there are no photos.
The reason is that I dropped my smartphone into the sea.
All memories have disappeared to the sea of Miyako island.
(By the way, the above photo was taken with a single-lens reflex camera.)

If the memories disappeared, I think have only to make it again, so I reopened and enjoyed my trip to the end.


It was a very enjoyable trip to the very end.

Japan may be a small country.
However, it is a long country.
There is a cold and beautiful snow country in the north, a hot and beautiful sea country in the south.
I think that it can be enjoyed because the culture is different depending on the region.
Please tell me when you come to Japan!

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