Arizona trip

I told about tripped the Las Vegas the other day.
In that time, I went to Arizona for sightseeing.

I went to Antelope Canyon first.


Enter the rock using a ladder and rise again.

Before going to Antelope Canyon, I didn’t believe that it was so beautiful.

I didn’t expect the rocks to shine so much with natural light alone.



After driving for 4 hours from Las Vegas, I was tired, but then I went to Horseshoe Bend.


It was surprisingly fun.
This impression will not be transmitted unless you go.



At the end of the day, I went to Monument Valley, stayed at the guesthouse, and saw the Mexican hat.

I’m glad to see it because I like this Mexican style. I remembered a Mexican boxer coming in wearing a Mexican hat.



The next day I went to Sedona.

I heard that Walt Disney made it the model of Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain.
Japanese people say this is a power spot.

Certainly it was a superb view that really energized me.


Finally, I went back to Las Vegas, but I stopped by Kingman at the location that would be the origin of Route66.


Route66 is also known in Japan by Disney movie ”cars”.

I love Cars too, so it was really nice to be here.
I want to conquer Route 66 someday.


It was a long car trip to Arizona, but I was surprised that animals came out while driving.
Buffalo came out, there was a bird called Road Runner, and it was a wonderful surprise to meet animals that I was not familiar with Japan.


There are cities in the US and nature.
I love the magnificent country of Ameria
I want to go again.

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