Pudding by One piece cooking

Today, I talk about dessert.  It is a pudding.

20150504 シンドリーちゃんのプリン

How to make it easy.

Put sugar, eggs, and milk on caramel sauce,
Then, steamed and made.

Finally, it chills in the refrigerator and is done.

I learned for the first time that pudding can be made so easily.


Japan also has Valentine’s Day in February.
Originally, a woman gives chocolate to a lover’s man, but also distributes it to a friend’s man.

Naturally, on March White Day, the man will give a gift to his friend’s woman.
The present can be anything as long as it is sweet.

I gave this handmade pudding.
I also distributed pudding to any woman who was not given chocolate to me in February.

Every woman was saying, It is very delicious.

I feel On White Day, my presents were higher than other male presents.

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