Las Vegas trip

I drove from Los Angeles for 6 hours to Las Vegas.

I was shooting a little video so I released it on Youtube.

I went through Route 66, the origin of the movie “Cars” by Disney Pixar.


According to a story I heard in Japan, it is said that the car on Route 66 in California has become the model of the Cars character.

The hotel I stayed in Las Vegas is the Stratosphere Tower Tower Hotel. I got on a screaming machine!


I watched Cirque du Soleil show at HOTEL VERAGIO. (There was no photo because it was impossible to take a photo.)

There is an area called Red Rock a little away from the city of Las Vegas. As the name suggests, it is a red rock.
So I became a cowboy while watching the sunset.


This is my first horseback riding.


At night, we saw a fountain show and went around the hotel.





Las Vegas is a casino, but unfortunately, I didn’t do much because I didn’t speak English at that time.

Actually, the main purpose of coming to Las Vegas was not to see the show in the casino or riding.

My main purpose was to see a big boxing match.
The story will talk in another post.

Las Vegas has transformed the desert area into a gorgeous city.
It was a city that really felt the American Dream.
Next time I want to challenge the casino and realize the American dream.
(This is a joke)

I want to play in Las Vegas again.

Finally, there are many places in Japan where you can gamble.
There is also a slot machine.
I think that the performance of Japanese slot machines is better than Las Vegas, so if you come to Japan, have fun.

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