Sylvester Stallone

A great fighter once said,

“It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

This is what Sylvester Stallone gave in the movie Rocky Balboa.

Actually, I was a boxer when I was young. I watched his movie as a child. I thought wanted to live strongly by watching his movie. It doesn’t change even now when I became an adult. No matter how much I failed, I decided to challenge again and again. He is the most respected person for me.

I went to Philadelphia in USA 4 years ago. He ran up the stairs of the museum, the holy land of his movie Rocky. This is called a “Rocky step”. 13094204_1042337262515096_7159938644895945740_n I went there and ran up the Rocky Steps. I went to the place I wanted to go. Tears didn’t stop.

43354656_1955255621223251_5072077878011625472_n I was able to meet his statue. It was a very happy time. I always watch his movies when I feel it is hard in life. And I can hear his voice.

“Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life”

I want to have a feeling that I will never give up.

by the way, do you know why his nickname was “Italian Stallion” in the movie Rocky? “Stallion” is called “stallone” in Italian. “Stallone” is his name. I think you already know, he used his real name as the nickname for the movie character. His naming sense is also amazing.

DSC05149 I want to meet him someday. And I want to tell him,

“I live with a strong heart thanks to you.”

The impression that he has made is greatly spoken to Japanese also people far from the United States.

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