California trip

This is a story about a trip to California 4 years ago.
My excitement never stopped in America for the first time.

The first thing I went to was Santa Monica
It seems that the beach where Rocky ran with Apollo in the movie “Rocky 3” was this Santa Monica.

By the way, I love Sylvester Stallone.

13124760_1042369582511864_4585700926155552332_nAnd I saw the sunset here.
The photo of the top page of this blog is taken here.

The first influence that interested me about traveling abroad was the movie.
So I went to Hollywood and was very excited.


Of course, I went to Disneyland.
I was surprised that it was smaller than in Japan.
Most of the concepts were the same,
In Japan, there is a Cinderella castle,
but it is a Sleeping beauty castle in California.


13178703_1042373862511436_9199841221008557555_nWhat impressed me the most was that I was able to see the comments of the person respect most in my life.

I would like to talk about Sylvester Stallone in another post.


13124594_1042356235846532_4010674305751335442_nI was surprised about Western food.
What was the first day meal, the staple food was neither rice nor bread.
I looked at it later, and the staple food was potatoes.


13151614_1037652212983601_7832017885616076203_nI realized that I am Japanese again.
I missed Rice on the third day after staying in the United States.
So I went to “Yoshino-ya”, a classic Japanese restaurant.
I don’t talk about impressions here.
If you come to Japan, please go to “Yoshino-ya”.
Please let me know what you think.


13138857_1042371392511683_5210440830602738407_nI drove a car, the car on the highway felt very fast.
In Japan, the legal limit is 80 km / h.
I was surprised that the legal limit is 120 km / h in the United States.

However, I was very impressed with American people safety driving on the roads other than the highway.
Because Japan is the exact opposite.


In California, where I stayed for about a week, I enjoyed it without getting bored.

I loved the wild American style.


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