What is the Samurai?

Since I have never seen a Saumurai, I do not know that it is correct. Today I will talk about what is commonly called Samurai in Japan.

1. Appearance of the Samurai samurai1 The common hairstyle is called chonmage. When fighting, use a long sword. The short sword is a spare sword. Or, They use this sword when committing suicide. This is called Seppuku in Japan. Hot season has a sense. It’s like this when they are armed. When there is a civil war, the samurai is armed like this to protect the generals of his land

2. What was the Samurai doing? samurai2 They usually worked as government officials. 【Samurai’s Job】 Samurai originally meant “people who serve” and were the servants of government officials who were dispatched from the capital to rural communities during the Heian period. They later became warriors who specialized in martial arts and went on to become influential in politics. 【Samurai’s Policy(Sprit)】 The samurai is associated with the concept of bushido, “the way of the warrior” which emphasized duty, loyalty, and virtue. Samurai, as depicted in many Hollywood movies, were not blood-hungry ravagers. They were literate and cultured men who lived by their ideals and were bound by a code of honor. Just as in the West there is a knight’s ten commandments, Japan has a samurai virtue.

3. Commentary in a little more detail samurai3 It is not wrong to say Bushi equal Samurai. Samurai was in the highest layer of these professions. It may be unbelievable in America, but Japan at that time was a class society. So all people were not equal. There is a class in the Samurai. It looks like this when compared to modern society.

I explained what a Samurai is. Did you get an image with my explanation? I will talk about the history of the cocoon at another opportunity.

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